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What is MOTUS After Dark?


MOTUS After Dark is an initiative created by the Musicians of the Utah Symphony to bring great classical music to underexposed audiences. We accomplish this by scheduling concerts in alternative, less formal, and more intimate venues, and in doing so hope to tear down the “fourth wall” separating the performers onstage from their audience. 


What Does the Press Have to Say?


“MOTUS is always on the lookout to bring their music to a wider audience...smaller settings that would be more comfortable for patrons who find the traditional concert-hall experience intimidating or stuffy.“ - Catherine Reese Newton, Salt Lake Tribune, November 7th, 2014


“There is a good deal of music that tries to transcend traditional elements in order to breathe life into a genre that has become set in its ways. None do it better than MOTUS—Musicians of the Utah Symphony”  - Seeth McGavien, SLUG Magazine, February 5, 2015


What do we ask of you, our audience?


We ask that you listen with an open mind. You don’t need to be mice, but it’s nice if people are quiet enough so that all can appreciate the exquisite detail present in great classical music. We want to you to interact, applaud when you love it and boo when you don’t – after all, that’s what they did in Beethoven’s time, even in the middle of his symphonies! 


This season, MOTUS is presenting four musical “nightlife” events at local bars and restaurants in Salt Lake City as part of its highly popular MOTUS After Dark Series. Each show will feature classical music performed by musicians who currently play in the Utah Symphony. There is a cash-only cover charge of $10 for each show, payable at the door.


Next performance: March9, 2018 9:00pm - Finca, 327 West 200 South, SLC, UT

Click here for tickets.

Part three of the Musicians of the Utah Symphony's edgy and fun classical music series moves to Finca! Come hear the greatest classical musicians Utah has to offer while sipping your favorite cocktails in a laidback and interactive atmosphere. No concert hall etiquette here - we want you go engage in the performance just as you would at any other popular music venue. Best part - you'll be giving back too, as every dollar you give goes directly to the MOTUS in Haiti initiative. (Sixteen of us plus Maestro Thierry Fischer are headed there March 25th!) Though we keep the price of admission insanely low at only five dollars, we ask all that can to give 25 dollars to help young Haitian musicians have access to a world-class musical experience.

The After Dark Series was created to expose the Salt Lake community to arrestingly beautiful and engaging classical music in a fun, relaxing environment outside of the traditional symphony hall. Held in small, informal settings, these events allow for a more intimate musical experience and a chance to interact with the performers between sets. Plus, one can savor a favorite cocktail during the entire performance instead of racing the intermission clock with plastic cup in hand! 

For further information, please contact David Porter.


Past press:


Salt Lake Tribune - 12/15

SLUG Magazine


SLUG Magazine Review


photos courtesy Adam Finkel





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